Mise en Scene: Farm Tableaux Finland Google Street View

Mise en Scene: Farm Tableaux Finland Google Street View

A video capture of Sylvia Grace Borda’s groundbreaking series in collaboration with John M Lynch marks the first known and on-going artworks created specifically for Google Street View. Mise en Scene: Farm Tableaux Finland work illustrates food culture in a way that moves us beyond lifestyle magazines and TV reality shows. Her images of Finnish farming and food production reflect the on-going realities of farm-work from field labour to food processing. An unknown fact to many audiences is that Finland actually contains half of the world’s arable land north of the 60°N latitude, and produces everything from reindeer meat to greenhouse grown lettuce.

Google maps restructured and the original walk throughs are no longer linked.

For more information go to http://www.sylviagborda.com/

Oulu Museum of Art

The exhibition Checkpoint Leonardo: A sense of Place focuses on interaction between art and what forms local identities. The exhibition hosted by the Oulu Art Museum is curated by Laura Lampinen (Oulu Museum of Art) and cultural director Helka Ketonen (Union of Rural Education and Culture) in collaboration with Harri Häll, the head of Learning at the Tietomaa Science Centre.

Of note the Oulu Art Museum was originally a turn of the century factory transformed later to the Oulu University Library. In the 1980s it was re-configured and expanded to become the largest and most important contemporary art gallery in Northern Finland offering just over 1200 square meters of exhibition space.gallery_wscreens

Viskaalin Farm, Muhos, Oulu
Flour Mill, Kinnusen Mylly, Utajärvi, Oulu

Hannu Lahtela´s reindeer farm: Maltiolan Jaloste Oy
Reindeer meat preparation, Salla

Hannu Lahtela´s reindeer gathering, Salla

Chefs Tero Mäntykangas, Jouni Toivanen, and Viljo Laine at work, Laplandhotels Sky Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi

Liane Davison intro of Sylvia Grace Borda Artist Talk – Part 1

Liane Davison introduces Sylvia Grace Borda listing her accomplishments of the past years

Dual Screen in One Film

Artist, Sylvia Grace Borda, has been producing socially engaged and contemporary artwork for over a decade. She is arguably one of BC’s most skilled artists working in photography, video, and emergent technologies to study, research, and respond to the changing landscape of Canada’s fast growing city: Surrey, British Columbia. Much of her work consists of carefully composed images varying from stereo-works to dimensional photographs produced in Google Streetview.  In her latest opus of work, This one’s for the farmer, her pictures portray the social realities of modern life farmers. Her work borrows from painting and historical photo-vocabularies, wherein she often pays homage to specific historical images. While using art history as a foundation of her work, Sylvia collaborates with communities in order to accurately produce narratives that become contemporary portraits of our times and reflect on wider social conditions.

Urban Wall without the wall

This video encompassed two stories of building and was viewable from the Skytrain. This exhibition ran in the Fall of 2013

Located on the west wall of Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, Surrey Urban Screen is an outreach venue of the Surrey Art Gallery.

The venue is Canada’s largest permanent, non-commercial outdoor urban screen, and can be viewed from SkyTrain, between Gateway and Surrey Central stations.

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The Tyee – headline weekend article

The Tyee – has made the Google Places it’s headline weekend article :) see http://thetyee.ca/

“When Sylvia Grace Borda set out to update the romanticized image of agriculture in the art world, she did so in a thoroughly modern way: Google Street View.”

October 19 2013 Tyee

Ravi Bathe and the Math of Farming

Ravi Bathe president of BC Young Farmers gives a mathematical overview to the economic worth of Lower Mainland farmings. Part of the introduction to Sylvia Grace Borda’s Artists Talk on October 10th 2013


“The grass is not greener on the other side: Surrey exhibition highlights the importance of local agriculture”

An Article by  // Focus on Local Artist // for The Source Volume 13, Issue 30 – October 8 – October 22, 2013

The Source